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   A quality core chinese brown film faced plywood 
  Product name :  A quality core chinese brown film faced plywood
  Product code : LD-FFP023
  Origine :  China
  Product size :  All normal size
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A core Chinese brown film faced plywood is that the Chinese brown films overlaid on the A grade quality core plywood which is of the features as belows:

1. all the sheets are made up from the A grade veneers which are with no holes,gaps,inclusion etc.

2. all the sheets are bonded by the high density phenolic resin- the best phenolic WBP glue that can resist 72h water boiling and no delamination.

3. All the finished core plywood are via two times high pressure and temperature, and both sides are sanded well. 

4.All the edges are painted with waterproof acrylic paint.

Besides, the Chinese brown films have the superiority like the strong anti-abrasion, ultraviolet resistance, deformation-proof,anti-corrupt etc.

Based on the above performance, they are easy to be installed,cut,sawed,drilled and can be with stood high concrete pressure(70KN). And they can be dismantled easily and the time is only 1/7 of the other steel mould.The concrete finish is smooth after dismantling, Also they can keep surface warm and can be comfortably used for construction in winter.

The dimension is 1250x2500mm,1220x2440mm,915x1830mm, the thickness is from 9mm to 25mm.

So they are widely and ideally put in the usage of construction formwork scaffolding panel including the skyscraes, bridges etc.

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