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  Product name :  Beech Finger Joint Panel
  Product code : LD-BFP03
  Origine :  China
  Product size :  All normal size
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Specification of product:

1. Size: Length is up to 8000mm, Width is up to 1500mm, thickness can be 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 27mm and the customized size; 
2. Raw material: Beech;
3. Glue: D3,D4.

Feature of product:
1. The Beech finger jointed board is the Eco jointed board that is the formaldehyde free glulam timber beam. Both faces are sanded well and can be faced with melamine paper or wood veneers.
2. Panels are made from Solid 20-40mm wide or Customized size lamels. Lentgh of Staves are Random Aprox 200-500mm. Grade can be from A to C. 

3. Finger Joints: Quality of joints between lamels will totally exclude breakout, gaps, holes and excess glue on A face. 
4. The Eco glulam timber beam is stronger ,straighter, more uniform and stable.the bending and bonding strength are 3 timers stronger than solid wood; 
5. The board can easily be sawed, sliced, chiseled eye, mortise, fixed nail and so on; 
6. It is the ideal materials to replace the solid beam, which can avoid the natural defects of solid lumber such as dead knots and scars split and crossed to enhance its strength, the quality and form. 

Usage of product: 
Furniture, construction components, crossbeam, framing, truck board, furniture, flooring, wood stud and packing.

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